RTSP and CamPlus

When using RTSP, are there any functions that work with the CamPlus subscription? I got a free trial on the camera I purchased but as soon as I got the RTSP software, it was no longer there so I have no idea what works.

If you’re using the Wyze app and the Wyze RTSP firmware then I think CamPlus should work normally. But if you’re using either non-Wyze app (Blue Iris) or non-Wyze firmware (Dafang Hacks) then it wouldn’t.

I’m using the app and as soon as I started using the RTSP firmware, my free trial disappeared.

You’re supposed to assign the CamPlus license to a particular camera. Maybe that association got wiped when you updated the firmware or maybe the trial is a different animal. But I’m not the right person to help as I’ve never used CamPlus, sorry.

Yes, I am aware of that. The camera disappeared off of the subscription tab as soon as I started using RTSP. I have no way of assigning it to the camera since it isn’t there anymore.

The RTSP firmware does not support CamPlus.
You need firmware v4.9.5.36 or newer.

Even the brand new beta RTSP version?

If so, sorry for any misleading statements from me.

Yup. That’s always been the tradeoff for RTSP. A lot of the newer features are not included because of camera memory limitations. You don’t get the new granular detection zone either.

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Okay thanks. CamPlus / Complete Motion Capture / CMC / Person Detection is hardly a new feature so when I saw that the new RTSP was based on a newer firmware I ASSUMED that CamPlus was not an issue. :frowning:

PD works.

The same happened to me, I was disappointed. I only use my cams for RSTP. The app doesn’t open fast enough or alert me to who is at my door until it’s 5 or 10 minutes after the fact. I paid for CAM PLUS and had to talk with Tech support for an hour or 2 before they figured it out.
I wish I understood why RSTP is such an issue. Without this feature, I would have sold or shelved my WYZE cams

By the way in another thread @wyzetao was talking about potentially disabling CamPlus for future RTSP firmware so the current iteration IS capable of it…

Tell the guy that posted before you. :blush: