Cameras running RTSP incompatible with Home Monitoring Service

Probably not news to most but I was a little surprised. Installed the RTSP firmware on a V2 today (after already enabling CamPlus) and CamPlus continued to work even though you can’t change any of the notification settings for person,vehicle, etc. nor does the camera appear in the list of those configured for CamPlus.

I then tried to add the camera to the Home Monitoring Service as a security camera and was politely informed by the software that the camera was incompatible due the firmware.

Probably shouldn’t have been surprised but thought it might work since CamPlus did.

Interesting that CamPlus continued to work with RTSP firmware. I have 16 V2 and two Pan cameras with RTSP firmware and they can not be selected for CamPlus. Only the 11 V3 cameras (obviously without RTSP and the two V2 cameras that don’t have RTSP firmware.

It works, but only if you have CamPlus active on the camera before you flash the RTSP firmware. Once the camera is running RTSP you can’t make any changes to the AI settings in the services tab and, in fact, the camera doesn’t list as having CamPlus active. However, if you look at the camera settings it shows as CamPlus and you get the AI notifications.

I found a post about this that was made quite sometime ago. Posting was by @jetstreamblue