Can’t Activate Cam Plus, Camera Missing

I have two cam plus licenses and can only activate one camera. The other camera does not show.

RSTP is off on the camera, firmware UTD, app UTD.


Does your camera that is missing have the RTSP firmware on it? You said firmware is up to date, the RTSP firmware or the production/beta branch of the firmware?

for the future, it’s best to actually list out the version numbers and app version numbers that you are using due to the quickly changing times and the different branches of software versions that are actually current.

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Good question. Frankly I’m not sure. It’s something my deployed husband installed. I turned the option for RSTP off.

Firmware version on missing cam is, the other cam shows so I’m assuming I need to update the firmware. Not sure how to do that, but thank you for helping me identify the problem!

Found the info for it. I’ll let my husband take care of that when he gets home lol.

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