CamPlus on a RTSP flashed camera

I currently have 18 V2 cameras, 2 Pan, and 11 operational V3 cameras. Of the V2, all except two of them are flashed for RTSP firmware as are both Pan cameras. I have two CamPlus subscriptions that are assigned to two of the V3 cameras because in part, you can’t assign CamPlus to a RTSP flashed camera.

Here’s where it get weird. Last night while moving one of the RTSP flashed V2 cameras, I accidentally pressed the setup button which wiped out the setup. No problem, just intentionally went through the setup process to re-assign it to the correct WiFi and all is back up (including the RTSP streaming to BlueIris). A little while later I get a notification from the app that I now have a two week trial of CamPlus for this “new” camera.
Checked this evening and sure enough, it really is operating with CamPlus with all of the CamPlus features. I then confirmed that I really can’t assign one of my CamPlus licenses to a RTSP flashed camera - but my camera 17 proves that it really does work…

There are other posts about how to use CamPlus with RTSP. The normal trick recommended to make this work is to setup CamPlus on the camera BEFORE flashing to RTSP. The camera isn’t manageable with RTSP configurations in the setup section for CamPlus, but it does work.

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