RTSP access outside of camera subnet

I recently purchased two Wyze cams to investigate the potential of them being a low-cost addition to my existing RTSP camera infrastructure.

Everything seems to be working good, except I ran into one issue: RTSP is only accessible from the same network subnet that the camera is currently on. My camera server is on a different subnet than this camera, which means I have to do some NAT magic to make it look like my camera server is on the same subnet as the Wyze cams.


However, this isn’t a sustainable long term solution for me, and probably is impractical for a lot of other people. It seems this behavior is expected and documented, though: Use [the RTSP connection info] for streaming through any RTSP compatible player on the same local network as the Wyze Cam.

I’m curious if this is an intended limitation due to security concerns about people mis-configuring their network and making their cameras world-accessible, or if it has to do with complexities in the network stack of the firmware.

If it’s the first case (a security concern), would Wyze consider adding a toggle in the app under RTSP settings to bypass the same-subnet limitation?

Turns out it was a misconfiguration in my firewall settings that was the cause of this. For those who are wondering about the wording on the support article about RTSP: it does work cross-subnet.

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I have a multi subnet setup using opnsense firewall. What was the misconfiguration in your setup as struggling too find mine?

What was the misconfiguration in your setup?

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