RTSP router forwarding possible?

Can a camera with the RTSP firmware be forwarded through the router for access outside my local network?

Yes, it can be done. I’ve tested it.

But if you are going to view a Wyze cam with an RTSP firmware, with the Wyze app, you don’t need to forward ports at all.

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So, through the app, you can be outside your local network?

Yes, anywhere in the world, assuming the network you are using isn’t filtering ports, IPs, or protocols (like some businesses & schools do).

But remember RTSP also means LOTS of data coming from the camera.

What exactly does that mean? It’s exactly the same data that a regular cam sends. Only the format is different.

It’s the same hardware. The only thing RTSP does over http (that I suspect the regular cam uses) is the ability to merge multiple video streams. I doubt that’s happening here.

Curious, why would you flash the cam with RTSP firmware only to use the Wyze app? People normally want RTSP in case they have other network devices that make use of it, for example, network attached storage. Or want to use another client like FFMPEG/VLC.

There is at least one case where RTSP would require more data than the app. If multiple devices are viewing the stream externally.

So the cams do contain the stream inside your local network when viewing the cams locally. If you view them from the Internet side, then they have to send the stream to the Wyze servers. So this would dramatically increase the amount of data you are sending to the Internet.

Using the Wyze app, only one stream goes to the servers, and from there the servers will feed as many external devices as you like. So for the data cost of just 1 stream you can feed many.

With RTSP, if you have multiple devices watching you will have multiple streams leaving your network. So that would be a situation where a dramatically increased data flow would increase another fold for every extra device you have viewing the RTSP stream.

I think they simply didn’t know streams in the standard app can be viewed from the Internet side.

I must have been doing it wrong. When I run RTSP I get large files. The regular Wyze app gives me .h264 files.

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I want to try what you’re doing. How do you save RTSP files from Wyze cams?

Are you using the same frame rates for both cases?

I’ve been just saving them via VLC.