Accessing rtsp from outside local network

Hi there, I’m honestly getting a little lost since the forum is huge and there seem to be tons of active topics, so I apologize in case this is covered already.

I read about the rtsp firmware, but I seem to understand the camera and the computer you’re accessing the stream from should be on the same network.
Is it possible to access the rtsp stream from OUTSIDE the local networks, presumably after port forwarding the camera (either the v2 or the pan cam).


You can access a camera running the Wyze RTSP firmware just like any other Wyze camera both from your home WiFi network and via cellular or most other WiFi networks. The RTSP cameras show up in the Wyze app as usual just with a few less options.

I routinely access my RTSP from my cellular connection or my grocery stores WiFi.

Thanks for the reply! Just to be sure I don’t misunderstand, you can access the camera remotely even without using the app, right?
What I need, basically, is to open the camera stream via a browser by using IP_address:port of the camera as address.

You could access the stream without the app but you would need to use NAT routing and open whatever need ports for port forwarding.

Of course with the app you don’t need to do that.

Great, that’s precisely what I was looking for.
Do you maybe know how I can find out which port the camera is connected on? Is it specified in the camera setting within the app, or elsewhere?

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There is a good article which describes the ports here: