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Hi. I am trying to integrate a WyzeCam into a piece of weather software and also have the ability to view the camera stream from outside my home network. So far, I have had partial success with a RaspberryPi Cam with being able to view it from within my home in the software, but have not gotten it to work outside. I thought (incorrectly perhaps) that RTSP would be the answer, but that does not appear to be the case. Am I expecting something that may not be possible?


RTSP allows you to stream video from the Wyze camera to any application that supports the RTSP protocol. This means you could stream it through any network. More commonly, an RTSP stream is converted into a more conventional HTML type stream for external viewers if this is more of a public service. If you are looking for something for your own personal uses, you could use ContaCam to connect to the Wyze device and then access its internal HTTP server to access video content. Can you give a little more detail on your infrastructure and setup intentions for us to help out a bit more? :slight_smile:

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ElectroStrong: Thanks for replying. Here is what I am trying to do. I have a weather program called Weewx (the developer wrote it in Python) running on a Raspberry Pi. At the present time, I have a RaspberryPi IP camera which I am using as an outdoor weather camera. I have that camera successfully placing a live image on my page which I can view both in my home and outside my network. Weewx itself does not appear to have the ability to view RTSP protocol, but I would like to use a Wyze cam instead of the Raspi cam for a better quality picture. I did take one of my WyzeCams and successfully have it in RTSP mode, where I can view it within my network using VLC Media Player.

Weewx is structured where there is a file called index.html.tmpl where I entered the WAN address of my router. In the router itself, I added a port forwarding command using the IP and port of the RasPi camera. Would I be able to do the same with ContaCam, or do you think I am asking the program to do something it is not designed to do?

Thanks, Steve

I think I found your site :slight_smile: - Boonah?

I’m not sure on what you may have changed since some of your posts in 2018 (if it is even your posts), but it looks like you may be uploading an image periodically from the RaspPi IP cam to the RaspPi that runs Weewx (WeewxPi)…is that a correct assumption?

If so, you could setup a similar cron job that uses ffmpeg to save a still of the stream and saves it as a jpeg from the WeewxPi - if you have Buster or Stretch, you should be able to install ffmpeg (apt install ffmpeg). If not, you can download the armhf build here (wget

Once installed, ffmpeg can do what VLC can by directly connecting to the Wyze RTSP stream - the command should look something like:
ffmpeg -y -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://user:password@ -f image2 -frames:v 1 singleframe.jpg


  • ffmpeg = command
  • -y = overwrite output file
  • -rtsp_transport tcp = connect via tcp instead of udp
  • -i rtsp://… = set input stream to camera
  • -f image2 = define output format as image
  • -frames:v 1 = grab single video frame
  • singleframe.jpg = your file name

This should get you to the commands you can automate - I just tested it with my cams and it worked.

Does that make sense/help out any further?

Hi…no the site you found is not mine. I am currently successfully streaming a PiCam on my Weewx weather page. I am not doing periodic uploads; they are real time. I was trying to see if I could have the same real time results with a Wyzecam as the video quality would be much better.

@flynndacat - understood.

How did you connect the PiCam to Weewx? Is there a setup file or screen that contains the values needed to connect?