Router installation

I installed a new wifi router & lost connection to the camera, thermostat & security. I need help reconnecting.

Best thing to do with a new router is log onto it and change the network names & passwords to the same ones your old router used. Then everything should automatically reconnect.


I had two family members that took equal turns visiting and staying overnight at two different homes. Both had WiFi and neither one was competent enough to reconnect their stuff to the other’s WiFi. One had a tablet and laptop. The other an iPad. Almost as though they made no effort to remember how or the SSID. Yes, everything should have been automatic. No, something they were doing (that I could not see) was preventing a auto reconnect.

So, I convinced a niece to go to one’s house and change their SSID and password to match the other. In other words, made them the same regardless of which house they were at. Suddenly like magic, all problems disappeared. The table, the laptop and the iPad didn’t know they were moved back and forth.

The lesson learned was the device doesn’t know /doesn’t validate as long as the network name/SSID and the password/passphrase matches the network they are trying previously knew about.

@doughuberty, @Newshounds suggestion is the simple and brilliant method to get your device back up on your network. Its a lot easier to change the router’s SSID/network name and password to match the old one, that go around to 2-3 + or especially dozens of separate devices and run the setup to add them each again individually.


I am working on that. My problem is I cannot remember exactly the name of the old router so I will have to talk to my son. I want to thank everyone for the responses they all help.


A lot of the time it is on the serial number plate. Your son or someone might have also written it down on a piece of paper you have in a forgotten drawer for you to use to tell people who you want to have access to your network.

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When you figure it out and get the cart out of the ditch - do your self a favor. Put the admin account and password, and the SSID and passphrase on a post-it note and tape it to the top or bottom of the router.

You may also be able to look in the remembered networks that your phone or tablet or a computer have connected to in the past and get the old name that way.