Room Sensor - Temperature Correction?

Is there an option for temperature correction with the room sensors?

For the thermostat I see it under Advanced but can’t find anything similar in the room sensor settings.

I have a trio of room sensors and one consistently reads 2 or more degrees colder than the two that agree with the thermostat. Initially this was an easy discrepancy to account for. Now however I’ve started using the sensors with motion-sensing comfort, and the one outlying room sensor is causing some obvious issues.

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No way to adjust the temp of the Remote sensors. However, there is a setting for Temp Threshold which may help some


Thanks for the feedback. All this appears to do though is generate a red indicator on the sensor listing in the app then force you to reselect balancing preferences.

It doesn’t address the system targeting a different room temperature from the other rooms. Is there a way then beyond the app to recalibrate the sensors? The readings appear to have the same discrepancy after a long-press reset.

There does not appear to be. In fact, the recommended solution for a sensor having a different reading than the thermostat is to adjust the thermostat reading instead (although, note that they consider being up to 2 degrees different to be “normal”):

Aside from the fact that that’s a dumb “solution” that results in your thermostat not reflecting the actual temperature, it’s also completely useless if you have more than one sensor. They really need to allow temperature corrections for sensors as well.


They did when I bought mine.

But then they disappeared.

I have one in my shop, where I want the temp to be no lower than 55 degrees F. The thermostat is set to 65 minumum, so that worked fine. No, there’s no adjustment, so the furnace was running until the shop got to 65 degrees, making it about 75 upstairs.

I tried contacting support to tell them that they had a bug, but the guy kept insisting I had done something. Wanted screenshots and logs. Dude, the feature was there, and now it’s not. #itsabug.

Here’s what that screen looks like now.

That feature is gone. There’s no way to offset the room sensors now.

That’s not temperature correction; that’s a threshold that was supposed to trigger a notification if the sensor was significantly different from the thermostat, but apparently it didn’t actually do anything besides that. I guess that’s probably why they removed it.


No, they kick on the system when the temp falls outside that threshold. And it worked great, until Dec '22 when the update came out.

In my experience with the Temp Threshold on the remote sensor, it did not have any ability to force a call for heat or cool. Only the thermostat has that capability using the averaged temp when sensors are included.

If the temp difference between the thermostat and the remote sensor fell outside the threshold, I would just get a notification.

It may be possible that before this feature was removed, your temp threshold was set to exactly the same delta required by the thermostat to call for service so that, by coincidence, the average temp reached your preset call for service temp in the thermostat exactly when the temp threshold on the remote sensor was also reached.

For example, if you had the remote sensor set for a 4° threshold and the thermostat set with a call for heat at 74° with a 2° differential, the remote sensor would be at 70° and the thermostat at 74° when the system would call for heat at the average calculated temp of 72°. That would match the 4° threshold that was set, but only by coincidence.


I don’t understand how they have a temperature offset option for the thermostat but not for the sensors. The fact that my faulty sensor is always 2 degrees off from the other 3 devices shows that there’s nothing wrong with the linearity of the thermistor, it just needs the readback to be calibrated correctly…

Even the cheapest thermistors online have data sheets that suggest they maintain linearity over most home operating temperatures and then some. I don’t know how they let these go out the door without correcting the feedback if they aren’t going to include an option in software to offset it.

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You are correct @SlabSlayer .

However, I believe Wyze removed that option as it was not fully developed.


The sensors cannot have a Differential Temp setting because that is only used in determining the call for service point when applied to the setpoint. Only the Thermostat can do that.

The sensors don’t have a Temp Correction or calibration adjustment because that wasn’t something that was ever programmed into the original logic chip on the board. The temp sensors are send only.

What would be great is if Wyze could update the firmware on the Thermostat so that we could set a temp correction of the received temp reading. It probably wouldn’t show on the remote sensor display, but would change the reading in the app.

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The room sensors already handle translating the feedback current into a temperature in F/C, the linked thermostat doesn’t actually have any role in this. There’s no reason that +/- arithmetic can’t be included in the room sensor firmware to allow for a fixed offset that corrects for any lack of factory calibration and/or eventual drift.

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I haven’t seen a firmware update on remote sensors since installing them. Not sure that is even a possibility given they aren’t installed as primary devices but as accessories to the Thermostat.

Yes. That should have been included in the production flash. But it wasn’t. Would be a great suggestion for the Room Sensor 2.0 though.

That was my experience too, and that’s essentially what the descriptive label for the setting said. I believe it was stated somewhere else on this forum as well.

I don’t see why it couldn’t be in the firmware on the sensors, as it would just be a simple add/subtract to the reading. Even if it couldn’t for some reason, the correction can be performed in the thermostat or wherever else is reading them and handling the logic.

Yeah, mine are still at 1.1.0, they’re not visible in the firmware update menu, and they don’t even have sensor firmware on the list on the website, so it seems like it isn’t intended to be updated.

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Wyze got us again. These sensors here one day and gone the next. The do nothing at all. If I want a little face to tell me how it feels in the room, I can look at my wife. She will even TELL me what it feels like, to her. And with the removal of real feel in the app, blah blah blah, I agree, they probably did not develop it all the way…got us again. Reminds me of 2 other products…original door sensors-batteries die and so does the equipment (no support) and the original lock, WORKS WITH GOOGLE, yes…year or two later. Wzye got us again.