Temperature Correction for Room Sensor

The Wyze Room Sensor needs to have a temperature correction option like the Wyze Thermostat does.

Use case:
My thermostat and sensor are both reading +3℉ from actual temperature. Thankfully, the app provides “Temperature Correction” under Advanced settings for the thermostat! Unfortunately, after applying the -3℉ correction, my thermostat (correctly) reports the room temperature as 72℉ and since there is no correction option for the room sensor it is now still (incorrectly) reporting the room temperature as 75℉. This causes obvious confusion for anyone looking at the reading who isn’t aware (or forgets) that the temperature is wrong on the sensor, and also causes issues with using the comfort control since Wyze thinks the average temperature is higher than it really is.

Of course, the workaround in this case is to just leave the temperature correction alone and let them both read high, but that still causes confusion when unaware/forgetting that the reading is higher than actual temperature and really isn’t a solution. This workaround also is not viable if you have more than one Room Sensor and one or more of them is significantly off from the others – you can only match the thermostat to one of them or try to somehow put it in between, which generates even more confusion and still results in inconsistent temperatures.

If Wyze isn’t going to calibrate their sensors then they need to provide the option for users to calibrate them all themselves.