Room Sensor Not Accurate

I need help with how to calibrate my three new room sensors. They are not even close compared to the Thermostat and a high-end room sensor I use in my wine cellar. Is there a way of adjusting the temperature and humidity reading to calibrate them properly? I have tried resetting them. My only option is to buy multiple packs of these and return the ones that don’t match in Temp and Humidity. I don’t want to have to pay for returns obviously.

Hello @HowardP
Still waiting for mine to be delivered. So my apologies for not providing first hand experience recommendations. Have you viewed the below knowledge article and tried any of the proposed troubleshooting steps?


I have read and looked at it all. After several resets and letting the units sit for several days, they got to be within 1-2 degrees and humidity was the same. I went ahead and placed the three units in place for the thermostat. I guess in my opinion, if three are in the same place, they should be identical or .5 degree off worst case not 2 or more degrees off. I don’t think $25 is cheap for such a simple device and would expect some reasonable accuracy. I can’t tell you if they are working well as I have not taking the time to put them back all in the same room again…mostly I don’t want to know because then I would have to try and figure out how to fix it. I really think they should have an adjustment in the app that fixes the display and readings so you can set them all to the same when in the same room, then disburse them.

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