Room sensor reset problems

Room m sensor started off working great, now app shows it frozen at 75 degrees even though actual display shows various temperature (which are probably accurate).

Tried long press reset button got “188”…but it still falls back to showing 75 degrees in the app !

Also it looks faded in the app…like it’s no active or ?

Sorry about the issue, I don’t have these but I’m guessing it’s a connection problem, try bringing it closer to the router or thermostat? @R.Good would know more

It’s actually a reported problem within the most recent app update. @Sevenstar355, What version are you using?

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Here is another thread:

If you search for “Room Sensor Not Updating” there are multiple other threads that discuss this.

Good luck!

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Mine looks just like that…the sensor is grayed out as if it’s not active!!

I always keep all my Wyze stuff up to date

Did support ticket but now Wyze is ignoring me…hahahaha!!

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I believe the problem is with the app update, not the thermostat FW.

As I posted in the other thread, I do NOT keep my firmware or app up to date because I prefer it to work rather than Wyze breaking it with every update.

I was forced to update my Thermostat by the last FW update, which I was immediately vocal about, but I have NOT updated my app since (130). My sensor is working. It seems that those who updated their app are having the issue.

Ok thank you, I’ve heard of problems like that with there vacuum robot, but I would think a thermostat & sensor would be quite easier to keep running

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Indeed, apparently quite easier for Wyze to break as well.