Room sensors Not averaging

I’m having the hardest time getting my Heat working with these sensors. AC seemed to work fine this summer. I have 1 thermostat, and 3 room sensors. Living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Lately I’ve noticed the living room is drafty. So, I turned off the motion sensing, and added it manually into the comfort control. The schedule set for 77 degrees call for heat. The living room will drop to 74 degrees, and still no heat. I have to turn the heat up to 79. I don’t understand why.

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There can be several things that are causing this to happen.

Your thermostat has a temperature correction factor that you might have set in the past. If this correction factor is anywhere on the plus side, it will be adding degrees to the displayed ambient temp at the Thermostat and will use that corrected ambient temp in it’s averaging when calling for heat. The Remote Room Sensors do not have any correction factor. If your correction factor is +2 for example, it will show an ambient temp on the thermostat two degrees above what the actual temp is. The thermostat may be showing 77, but it is actually 75. If you have the correction factor in the negative, it will be showing lower than the actual temp.

The Temperature Correction is in the Advanced Settings Menu.

Your thermostat has a differential temp setting. This setting is how far above and below the actual call for heat set temp the thermostat will go before initiating or stopping. If, for example you have a Differential of 2° with a set point of 77°, the call for heat won’t happen until 75° and will heat until 79°. It will use the average if the sensors are included, it will use the thermostat if not.

The Differential Temp is in the Advanced Settings menu.

Your thermostat shows the ambient temp at that location only. It will not show the Average Temp. Since you have your Remote Room Sensors manually added to be included, the Thermostat is using the Average temp when it calls for heat. It is unlikely that this is the case, but while the Thermostat may show that the ambient temp at the thermostat location is 77, the average may be different based on the other sensors.

The only place you can see the Average temp that is being used for the call for heat when the remote sensors are included is in the app when it displays as “It is XX° in your Home

When the thermostat is NOT averaging temps with the Room Sensors and is calling for heat only from the ambient temp at the thermostat, it will say “It is XX° in your Wyze Thermostat” or whatever name you gave it in your App Device List.