Temp differential

I set the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner at 72. It does not turn on the air until the temp reaches 76 or more.

The room temp on the thermostat matches a regular thermometer a foot away from the thermostat.

Differential is set to .5 Fahrenheit Temperature Correction is set to 0.

Any thoughts?

Are you manually setting the temp to turn on at 72° using the dial (user override) or is this 72° setpoint designated in your Temperature Preferences for one of the States?

If it is set in the Temperature Preferences, is the Thermostat currently in the State for that Preference (Away\Home\Sleep)?

Do you have any schedules set that would override your preferences for the time period when this is happening?

Are you using any Remote Sensors that are included in Comfort Control temp averaging?

When this happens, does the app display indicate that the setpoint is well below the actual room temp?

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No other sensors.

No schedules.

I’m strictly manual. I set the temp with the app or the dial on the thermostat.

Today I manually set the temp using the dial to 72. It didn’t come on until the temperature at the thermostat reached 76. The temp on the thermostat matches an old fashioned thermostat right next to the Wyze thermostat

I would think anytime the temperature in the house rose above 72 or 73 the air would kick on.

That’s how it’s worked in the past.

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What is your Behavior Set to? Mine is set to Better Comfort. This will adjust when the TStat requires AC and Heat.

In addition, Is your Auto Switch set?

Can you post pictures of your Device Settings Screens, your schedule, your Temp preference, and the Advance screen?

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Auto switch is not set.

Behavior is set to Balanced.

I know I could be using more features but I just like to set the temperature manually when I’m hot or cold.

I just pick up my phone and change the temperature or tell Alexa to change the temperature.

For the most part I set it at one temp and it keeps it there within a degree or two. Today I set it cooler because I knew it was going to be a hot day. That’s when I noticed it wasn’t coming on until the temp hit a few degrees above the set temperature.

Thanks to everyone helping.

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Even though you set it manually, do you have anything in schedule and Temp Preferences? If you do , that could potentially be interfering with what you want.

This is what I have set:

No schedule, temperatures preferences below.

But if auto switch is not set then those shouldn’t matter.

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Auto switch is used for Motion and knowing if you are home or not. Mine is off as I want mine to be controlled by my schedule. If I adjust it, then I simply have it hold that temp for however long I want to remain at that schedule. What is interesting is that the 76, 80, 77 are around the temp when it kicks on. As an experiment, can you lower the Home down to say 74 and see if the AC kicks on at 74 instead of 76, even after you set the temp to a lower value.

I believe you Home Temp is what is being used in lieu of a schedule.

Also, have you reached out to Wyze and received a Ticket? if so, can you post it here with any log you may have submitted