Wyze wildly overcorrects temperature in remote rooms

I have the smart thermostat and 2 remote sensors. One of them is in my office and I’ve set every option I can to try to prioritize temperature there but nothing seems to work.

I’ve set the temp threshold of my office as low as it can be (3 degrees) and also set it to prioritize comfort in the hot cold spot settings.

My thermostat starts out the morning set to 77. When it heats up outside my office temperature gets to 80 (too hot). I’ll manually adjust the thermostat down 1 degree to 76. My office will start to get cooled… but then it cools too far and now my office is down to 75…

So my office temp changes by 5 degrees just by me changing my thermostat by 1.

now after a while of leaving my thermostat set to 77, my office has heated up past 80 to 81.

This is past the threshold set in the options so now I don’t think that setting does anything.

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It sounds to me like the air delivery to the office is far too big compared to the rest of the house. It is also possible that it is very close to the trunk duct and therefore getting the most delivery. You may need to restrict the register output so more air gets to the rest of the house before it all dumps into the office. That room may heat up the fastest, but it also cools the fastest.

For the Room Sensors, they can’t solve every issue caused by the HVAC system in your home. The best they can do is to change the ambient temp reading from only that which is sensed by the thermostat to an average of the thermostat and all included sensors.

Make sure you have the sensors included in Comfort Control first. I would suggest including the sensors, selecting when you want them included (Home and\or Sleep), and then turning Auto Comfort off. The sensors tend to be excluded when there is no motion and the latency for inclusion on motion is too long for my liking. Next, I would set your sensors for Prioritize Comfort. The Temp Threshold really does nothing more than mark the sensor with a :warning: warning when it exceeds the threshold. I also have my thermostat set for Balanced, although the closer you get to Max Comfort the more precise the control can be.

The temp reading on the thermostat will always be only the reading sensed at that location. It will not show the average temp sensed when sensors are included nor will it indicate that the sensors are being included and the sensed temps averaged. The only place to see an indication of that is in the app. The display will change from “It is 77 in your Wyze Thermostat” when no sensors are included to “It is 77 in your Home” when sensors are included. Don’t name your thermostat “Home” or you won’t be able to tell the difference.

There is no possible way to prioritize any single sensor. If included, all included sensors have equal priority in the average. The thermostat sensor can never be removed from the average. It is included by default all the time. There is also no way to set a Temp Correction on a sensor to try and trick it into reporting a different temp to the thermostat. The Temp Correction can only be set in the thermostat.

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