Room sensor temperature control

Is there a way for any of the Motion sensors to turn on a wyze smart plug(garage fan) when motion is detected and within a certain temperature in a room(garage)? Maybe the new WYZE Room sensor?
Wanting to have large garage fan come on when I enter garage only when the temperature in garage is hot!

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Looking at Wyze Rules and Alexa Routines I am not seeing a way to do 2 if statements other than Time.

If motion detected and if climate/room sensor temp is X then turn on Wyze Plug

This may be possible with other platforms I am not familiar with like IFTTT or Hubitat

Tagging some friends to offer suggestion in this space.
@spamoni4 @carverofchoice

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You are correct, not possible through Wyze Rules, nor Amazon, nor Google. IFTTT paid subscription would probably allow it (I haven’t used them much since they turned subscription). Home Assistant can no longer support sensors, so not that one. I haven’t looked at Hubitat much, but spamoni4 did find a Wyze integration for it…though I believe sensors are blocked to prevent IP banning from Wyze.

I’m going to say it is basically IFTTT or nothing.

Technically you could devise a REALLY complicated way to do this through Tasker…but you’d have to be extremely technically inclined and basically need an old and dedicated spare phone…

Yep, definitely holding out IFTTT as the best hope, and probably only the paid subscription version of it.

I might be overlooking other options…I haven’t slept in 2 days, so I’m a little sleep-deprived…no drugs, just work deadlines and caffeine. My boss is just a jerk (I’m my boss).


Okay, thanks guys for the feedback. For now I’ll use the suggestion for time and have the fan only come on during the hottest time of the day.

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