Room Definition Capability for Bulbs

I’m just putting a bug out because I intend to get all my bulbs switched over to Wyze and… it seems with my previous ones, I defined rooms with their app, which Alexa then could send a more efficient command to … to let’s say …dim bedroom to 20 and I’d see them change simultaneously. Now, I have my bedroom lights defined in the Alexa app instead and upon issuing a command, can visibly watch as each individual bulb is sent instruction instead of them all adjusting at once like before.

I have not thought out the flowcharting or logic differences here but, I want to use Wyze as the basic backbone of my smart home functions but also want it to be more elegant and efficient in application and execution. I’ve had breakdowns when maybe one light in my TV Room doesn’t get the command or my bedside lamp has to be addressed by name or the room command issued again before the operation is fully complete.

I really hope this will be seen as constructive criticism because I started with just the cams, got the sensors (1st gen) and have expanded to band, watch, bulbs, scale, hand vac and expect to fully solidify the system as the base for whatever voice implementation changes may come or go. So, I’m a backer and want this all to succeed better than what we’ve been happy about to date even.

Okys… Think I’ve babbled on enough here and hope even with my mixed lines of communicating my thoughts… that the flavor of what I’m trying to say has come through. Thanks.!


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I just ran a quick test on 4 bulbs in the same room that I have running through Alexa. When I turn them on or off I can watch them as they go 1 at a time, but when I change the brightness they seem to do it all at the same time.