Robot Vacuum will not map

I bought the Wyze robot vacuum and it showed up yesterday. I was excited to go from the old style roomba that randomly selected a directional vector and moved to this new LiDAR style of “Smart”

After following setup as instructed, I allowed it to fully charge before sending it off to vacuum for the first time. It failed to create a map (Videos i saw showed it actively creating a map within the app as it went around) and said that mapping had failed and to try Quick Mapping or First Cleaning again. I tried both options twice and it continued to fail to create a map. This lead to me resetting the vacuum and removing from my Wyze app before retrying today. I attempted to quick map again and it failed to create the map. I would not mind other than I wanted the virtual walls feature to stop the vacuum from going into areas I wanted left alone that I knew it would get stuck on or might cause issues for me.

To answer some questions, yes the vacuum is on the latest firmware, yes my app is updated, the dock is in the middle of a closet with over 4 feet of space in every direction, yes it completes all of these mapping sequences uninterupted. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. I had high hopes based on reviews

For anyone else who comes across a similar issue - you are seemingly unable to manually assign an IP address for the vacuum. For some reason it kept latching onto the same one used for my houses cameras. Trying to reassign it would crash the cameras too. I ended up resetting again and giving it its own network for nothing to conflict with it and now all is working well. Half user error Half robot fault