Robot vacuum stops working

My robot vacuum works fine for about two weeks, then just stops working. No lights but app shows online and fully charged. I have to delete device and reactivate to get it working again.
This has been on and off for the last two months. The weird part is it isn’t offline but if I try reactivating it through the app, it doesn’t work.
I have two robot vacuums and the other one is not doing this.
I had to replace the battery in the one I’m having problem with, but I don’t think it’s the battery since it’s not going offline when it stops working.
Anyone else having this issue?

It could be that the new battery is causing brown out issues with the robot. I am not aware of any official batteries Wyze sells, so maybe the battery you purchased is not the correct one for the robot.

It’s very hard to troubleshoot with an added variable like that, I’m it sure what the best thing to try would be.

Maybe someone else will have ideas.

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I was thinking the same thing. The added variable of the replacement battery may be the key. I know the firmware monitors and reports the battery levels based on feedback from the battery, perhaps there is logic that keeps it from operating if those are out of range.

One test would be to swap batteries between robots and see if the issue follows the battery.


What he said

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