Robot Vacuum plastic seal coming apart

The seal between the dust bin and the vac started to separate, so much that the seal creates a clog. From what I can tell the underside of the seal is smooth, I tried to push the seal back in but it immediately pops back out. I used a eye glass repair screwdriver to lightly scrap inside that channel to see if dirt or dog hair was preventing the seal from clipping back in but there is no debris in there.

That doesn’t look good. I wonder if a dab of silicone sealant (RTV) would hold it in place? You might need to put something on the gasket to hold it in place while the sealant dries. If you ever had to return the vacuum the sealant should come off easily, but should be strong enough to hold the gasket in place otherwise.

Just a thought, anyway. :slight_smile:

If the Vacuum is still under warranty…call and request a RMA for replacement.