Robot Vacuum no suction?

Lately I’ve noticed the robot vacuum drives over pet hair, light debris, etc and doesn’t pick it up. It sounds normal, but if I recall you would usually be able to feel the vacuum exhaust coming out the back of the unit. I feel nothing.

I’ve cleaned/replaced the filter/brush/etc, no change. Is there any way to test the suction?

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In the app you have 3 suction levels:

Go to the app and bring up your vacuum. Then click the gear at the top right and then select suction (I believe). In there you will have 3 options to select from: Quiet, Standard, and Strong. Try changing it to strong or standard, depending on what is set.


Yes thank you, I have tried all three levels, the motor spins up appropriately with higher suction, but don’t see any change in actual suction.

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Does anyone actually feel air blowing out the back of their vacuum? I swear it used to.

Yes you should feel air coming out the back of the vacuum.

Have you replaced the filter, or just cleaned it?

Make sure nothing is blocking the slot where the debris gets sucked into the bin. You should be able to see through it.


That would be quite the blockage if you feel nothing coming out the back. Check the exhaust port also to make sure it isn’t somehow clogged.

I would expect a broken suction motor would not sound normal.



I do, wonder if you have something blocking it. you may want to take the dustbin out and see if something is blocking the air flow

Oops. @IEatBeans already mentioned. :slight_smile:


I"m having the same issue, have you been able to figure out how to fix it?

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