Robot Vacuum no suction?

Lately I’ve noticed the robot vacuum drives over pet hair, light debris, etc and doesn’t pick it up. It sounds normal, but if I recall you would usually be able to feel the vacuum exhaust coming out the back of the unit. I feel nothing.

I’ve cleaned/replaced the filter/brush/etc, no change. Is there any way to test the suction?

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In the app you have 3 suction levels:

Go to the app and bring up your vacuum. Then click the gear at the top right and then select suction (I believe). In there you will have 3 options to select from: Quiet, Standard, and Strong. Try changing it to strong or standard, depending on what is set.


Yes thank you, I have tried all three levels, the motor spins up appropriately with higher suction, but don’t see any change in actual suction.

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Does anyone actually feel air blowing out the back of their vacuum? I swear it used to.

Yes you should feel air coming out the back of the vacuum.

Have you replaced the filter, or just cleaned it?

Make sure nothing is blocking the slot where the debris gets sucked into the bin. You should be able to see through it.


That would be quite the blockage if you feel nothing coming out the back. Check the exhaust port also to make sure it isn’t somehow clogged.

I would expect a broken suction motor would not sound normal.



I do, wonder if you have something blocking it. you may want to take the dustbin out and see if something is blocking the air flow

Oops. @IEatBeans already mentioned. :slight_smile:


I"m having the same issue, have you been able to figure out how to fix it?

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Hi, having same issue here, robot was great sucking dogs hair and debris, and is no longer capable. Leaves hair chunks everywhere, tried cleaning everything replacing filter, brush, rotor brush. Checking the inlet gasket. Different suction settings, etc And still have the same result. I clean 2x a day and make sure i empty the bin after each clean and still the same. After cleaning and removal of bin the bin is clogged at the inlet but not even half of the bin has hair. This did not happen in the last couple years. Please. Help!!

It is looking like the vacuum pump might be faulty. If something were jammed, the vacuum would produce a different sound.

If this were my vacuum, I would replace the vacuum pump as a guess.

From what I remember, this vacuum is the same as the Xiaomi STYTJ02YM

Did some looking around and stumbled across this photo of a faulty vacuum pump from a Wyze Robot vac. Notice the broken case. I think this might be your issue. The vacuum would make the same noise with the broken case, but would not have any suction.

Just for grins I ordered one to go in the drawer with the extra parts just in case.

Here is the AliExpress listing


$10.13 shipped to Illinois. Estimated arrival date is August 30.


Thanks I will order one just on case

It worked!!! Finally replaced it and I dont know if the original failed but the hole was blocked with dirt and dog hair, since I had the robot open and the spare part in hand I just replaced, huge difference, before no air was blowing from behind now that the part is replaced, the robot came back to suck dirt and hair as it used to do. Thanks so much Tom!!!


Keep the old part just in case.


I’ve been having the same issue with clumps of hair everywhere. It’s only been happening the last week or so. My robot vac has air coming out the back and has a new-ish filter. Seems like hair is getting stuck in the inlet to the dustbin but there’s nothing blocking it.

Might be the roller brush stalling out. You should be able to hear when that happens. You can pull the bearing off the end pretty easily to check if it has a lot of wound-up hair. Here’s a clean one:

Same problem here. Except mine “chirps” 3 times before venturing off to vacuum, which it doesn’t because it has no suction. Sounds like it’s in quiet mode but it’s not picking up anything. Runs around on its normal course just not picking up anything. if it does have anything In the dust bin it’s just because the brush threw it in there.
Anyone know what those “chirping” sounds mean at the beginning? I’ve only had it since January and of course Wyze isn’t making the return easy for me. Won’t even offer me a discount on a new one, and DEFINITELY isn’t saying anything about an exchange. I figured Wyze would at least stand behind their products but apparently NOT. :rage:
Now I read somewhere that Wyze is trying to get out of the vacuum business. Great.

Could be an issue with the vacuum motor. If you are handy with a screwdriver take the vac apart and check for anything keeping the vacuum from sucking. I have seen photos of broken housings and plugged inlets.
The three chirps might be coming from the vacuum motor impeller rubbing on the housing.
So many things to check that require disassembly.


Thanks for the input. Wyze finally broke down and authorized me a replacement so I’m in the process of taking care of that right now. I only paid $149 for this unit at Walmart at the beginning of the year so I hen they offered me a gift card for its replacement I went off. I’d be losing money and losing a unit. Thx for all the help.

Oh and by the way the 4 chirps that I’m hearing are definitely an electronic sound. Definitely not no running sound. They are timed out with equal space in between the chirps and it only does it at beginning of its journey. It’s like an alarm of some sort but no one really knows the meaning, or someone does and NOT saying anything. LOL

Having had the same problem…

There is an unaccessible filter screen on the back of the unit where the vacuum motor blows air out of the back. Over time, this gets clogged and eventually all airflow stops.

You have to disassemble the whole unit to get to it. It isn’t hard to do though, just needs some basic Phillips head screwdrivers. Remove all the screws and the device will pull apart (with a little bit of effort). The vacuum pump is on the right in the back. There are two screws on the motor to remove, then pull the motor out. You will see the screen in there. Just blow/brush it out and reassemble. Good as new.

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