My robot vacuum stopped working

Suddenly my vacuum got lost and “told” that it could not return to base. I put it back to the charging and tried to start cleaning again, so it moved away from the charging station about 2ft and started moving around itself like crazy.

I did a map reset and used the quick mapping option to generate a new map. It started scanning my home but when it got to my bedroom it was not able to climb the carpet. Only the bedrooms of my home are carpeted and all the rest are vinyl.

Wyze, I need help.

Try setting up a oversight camera near the vacuum’s charging station. Then turn on night vision on that camera WITHOUT IR lights, then wait until dark near the base and command the vacuum to clean.

On the oversight camera in night vision mode you should see the vacuum’s IR range finding lights hit all surfaces around the vacuum. If not, the vacuum is blind.

There are also cliff sensors the vacuum uses, but that doesn’t sound like your symptom (dark carpets can affect that).

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Also check if there’s any dust in the sensor. There’s a hole on one side of the spinning LIDAR sensor. Try blowing it out with canned air