Dustbin gasket defect

The gasket seems to be deforming. Maybe it was not glued securely enough. But it is getting worse and I am sure that in the next couple weeks it will be bad enough that the vacuum is essentially worthless.

Any recommendations?

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I am trying to find other threads as I have seen this talked about before. Have you contacted Support to let them know that this is happening to you? This is mainly a user to user forum so to get an official response to this I’d contact Support.

Here is a kind of related thread:

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Thanks, I have not contacted Support, but I will now.

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Did Support help you?

Yes, they sent me a new vacuum.

Thanks for the reply. I am out of the 1 year warranty, but they are sending me a new gasket as a one time courtesy. Hopefully it works

Did this work for you? I feel like this is a design defect. There should really be somewhere to purchase this gasket, seems like something that will fail regularly. Maybe something like rubber weather stripping would be a decent substitute.

It did not. I was out of warranty and apparently the gasket can’t be easily replaced. They sent me $10 in credit instead. :frowning:

“Unfortunately, we cannot replace just the rubber gasket alone. We would like to offer a replacement for this unit but it looks like this product is outside of the warranty period and is not eligible for being replaced. In this case, I would like to offer $10 Wyze Gift Card instead.”

Mine actually started failing within warranty I just didn’t have a chance to put in a ticket. That is frustrating. I am guessing the same will happen to me as I’m outside the warranty period. I will probably just try rubber weather stripping, very likely to fix the issue.

Probably since the gasket is glued-in they don’t consider it “user replaceable”. When I have issues with things de-laminating like this I use a contact adhesive type product called quick grip. This stuff has been extremely useful. First clean the surfaces good with isopropyl alcohol and allow to fully dry.

Apply petroleum jelly to the threads when putting the cap back on and don’t over-tighten and it’ll last a long time. I found mine at Ace H/W.


What I actually ended up doing is heating up the gasket with a heat gun (hair dryer would also work) and carefully removing it. Then I cleaned off all the adhesive on the vacuum with isopropyl alcohol and carefully removed any adhesive on the gasket by hand.

I used carpet tape from when I put carpet down (warning - extremely sticky!) and carefully cut around the gasket with an x-acto knife (using scrap wood as a backer, cardboard would also probably work), then removed the backing and carefully re-applied the gasket. Seems to really be sticking well now.

The gasket is showing some wear though. Will eventually have to replace it with something else but this should work for now.

Without that seal working properly it spits dust out all over the place, really should be a part in the store, but just like the issue with the wheels making marks it probably will just be ignored and they will just put out more products. :\

Maybe I’m installing the bin differently or because I vacuum it off most of the time, but mine is +1yr old and still looks brand new (the gasket).

Yeah, maybe. I do have the vacuum run daily, so it’s seen a lot of use (closing in on 300k sq ft). I clean it out once a week with a vacuum and leaf blower in the garage.

Looks like they are just going to send me a new one, really unnecessary when it’s just a simple gasket…