Caution when you empty dirt

I just spent an hour rummaging through my garbage bags to find the large gasket that seals the vacuum. I had cleaned a day earlier and didn’t notice that it had fallen into the garbage bag with the dirt. What I did notice was that the vacuum had almost zero suction when I went to use it today. (When you close the bottom door, it’s not intuitively obvious that it’s missing!) If my house garbage had been collected earlier, I would have been stuck. I made a label and attached it to the vacuum to remind me next time. “CAUTION - Gasket may fall out!”


Good catch. And best topic title since:


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I called Wyze today about this issue and the rep could see it was an issue. But I doubt Wyze will make a fix for it. They will however replace the gasket within the warranty, is you lose it to the trash. I really don’t want to glue my gasket, so I need to find another option. Maybe something sticky that isn’t permanent?

I find a hot glue gun is perfect for this type of situation. As the gasket/washer/seal can remain in place but is also easy to remove shall you need to. Use only a small bead of glue in four points.

Use the spray intended for car headliners. We used it at the shop to keep gaskets in place before assembly. We liked the spray because the gasket can be removed without damaging anything. It is just tacky enough to do the job.
Can be found at most big box auto parts stores. The can is huge so you will have a lot let over.

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I still have some left in a can from 1975 - though the propellant’s a little weak. :slight_smile:

I found the best solution is to put a label on the door: “CAUTION - Gasket may fall out!”. Here’s why.
This gasket gets quite dirty when you use the vacuum. I like to take it out and rinse it off under a faucet to clean it. It dries in a few seconds by wiping it with a paper towel.