Robot Vacuum Drops Dirt at Thresholds

My vacuum has worked very well for a few weeks but now it has started dropping small piles of dirt at each threshold it crosses. I have thresholds or transition strips between hardwood and carpet or hardwood to another different hardwood floor. What is causing this?
Yes I have cleaned out the dustbin and it is still happening :slight_smile:
Also possibly related I wonder about the rubber seal around the mouth between the dustbin and the roller… Mine seems to not be flush along the top edge the same as the bottom is. Is that normal?

@bartipoo I’ve been using my vacuum for several months and rarely have had this problem.

Looking at your picture of the roller brush compartment I see blockage and the foam seal around the hole is not seated firmly. This is most likely why it’s leaving dirt behind on the floor.

Another thing that can cause problems is hair/string that gets tightly wrapped around the roller brush. This will prevent proper cleaning as well. If my vacuum begins to miss dirt on the floor, I check my brush and remove any hair from the roller and empty the dust bin. This is always important to check regularly to make sure the vacuum performs properly.

The seal on your vacuum needs to be flat and resealed firmly. I took a pic of my seal so you can compare with yours. You can see a big difference between the two foam seals in the pics below.

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Thanks so much for sharing a picture of the obvious difference in the rubber foam seal on mine that needs to be corrected. I was hesitant to force it but will clean it in detail and then try to make it secured and flat like yours. Yes that photo does show some debris blocking as I took the photo mid job. Thanks for all your shared experience.

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