Robot Vacuum Mop

If you look at the bottom of your vacuums it looks like there maybe a future mop option. Looks to have mounting slots for something already.

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@WyzeGwendolyn can you give us any info on this? I am also on ver 1.6.97 and have heard prompts for the 2 in 1 dustbin and mop
Very eager to hear if this “easter egg” let the cat out of the bag a bit early :grin:

A robot mop would work very nicely with the vacuum!

I don’t want to get any ones hopes up but… when I set up mine for the first time there was an error that kept saying attach and fill water bin… so that was a thought some where in the process. I hope they keep with the idea. Up dated my firmware and ever Hurd it again to

Yesss i need this option in my life

Yeah! There are some latest vacuums present in market with this robotic technology. But the vacuum I am using is not that one.

Vacuum and Mopping - then it would be a perfect purchase…

Hello Wyze,

I’ve been using the Wyze vacuum cleaner for a while now and I think to take the product features further, it is on my wishlist to own a vacuum cleaner that mops too.
I think Wyze should come out with a mop vacuum cleaner too.


Our product team is researching this request to explore if it would be a feasible addition to our product lineup. Please keep in mind that this is the longest and earliest stage of any product’s journey. We’re still pretty far from being able to decide if this is a product we can bring to life, but please continue to leave your votes and suggestions for us in the mean time. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


The other day I went to empty the dust bin. When I put it back in it said something to the effect of, “Combination dustbin and water tank has been installed” Anyone else had that happen?


Yep, I head something similar when I removed the dustbin in the middle of a cleaning 3 days ago… something about being careful removing the water tank. But the last 2 times I emptied the dustbin I heard the usual “dustbin removed” and “dustbin reinstalled”.


Beta testing for Wyze Robot Vacuum mopping feature


When I removed the dust bin today, I heard the “careful removing the water tank” message again. Always listen to your Rice Krispies and always heed the advice of your vacuum. My vac is telling me to sign up, so I did. :rofl:

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I’ve almost pulled the trigger on the parts to modify several times.
Problem is, I actually like mine enough not to want to screw it up -but sure would like to have it mop!
Signed up-this could be very cool!


Xiomi just released their robot vac that mops

Since the Wyze robot vac is made by Xiomi, can we expect a Wyze Robot Vac-Mop P soon? Get the votes up, and preorder when it is announced by Wyze!


Not sure if I’m correct but after I did the last Beta Update, it seems that the Robot said something like “Water container installed” (not Dustbin installed as usual) so I checked the robot and it looks like this Robot could Mop at some point…or is it only me wishing they could do it in a near future ?

Yep :+1: it totally has the physical hardware on the main body to support mop pad or water container… If Wyze will add the support in the software is another question. I have heard similar prompts at times.

“2-in-1 Dust Bin and Water Tank Removed”. Just heard this message for the first time today from my WyzeVac! Can confirm I’m on the latest firmware: 1.6.202.
I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this new product release VERY soon… :wink::broom::droplet:


I just checked mine and it still shows 1.6.113 as my latest version

I would love to see the mop feature added. I prefer steammops but would be happy to get any mop attachments.