Vacuum new product hint?

I was emptying my robot vacuum and it said “now removing dust bin and water tank”… Why would it day that? Is that a hint for a future mopping robot?



There is a Wishlist item for that if you want to vote for it at the top of the thread. :slight_smile:


Yet the current robo-vac owners cant get true room Alexa commands or a solid room divider/separator tool.

Seems WYZES company slogan is:

  1. Sell cheap products
  2. Ignore software updates and features
  3. Crowd Fund next adventure
  4. Push-out Newest version of last years model
  5. Ignore wants, suggestions, or updates to older versions of their products.
    Never again will I Crowd Fund such a poor way of doing business.

Seems that humble beginnings have moved to Corporate Greed.

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I heard that once as well when I was setting up my vacuum but the company hasn’t released anything publicly thus far. The vacuum has been out for a bit but stranger things have happened. For all I know the next thing it will say is “please place brush back on vacuum for dog grooming” :wink:

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Yeah, it was weird.

I just want them to fix the mapping issues with the current model.