Two in one water container/dustbin removed

I removed dustbin today and the vacuum said - “Two in one water container / dustbin removed”. Now this means Wyze is finally working on an attachment that would spray water on pets/kids nearby the vacuum for them to move outta the way. I love it! I can now finally get back at them.

Seriously: Guys, you’re working on a mop attachment. Its out in the firmware and those holes at the bottom finally make sense. Where and when can I buy the mop attachment and dustbin replacement? Please tell me nowwwwwwwww!!!

This is an abandoned test.



btw are you Richie who responded to my ticket?

I am not. Just a Wyze forum community volunteer and Wyze customer who helps where I can in the forum with the community.


Thanks man!

What’s the correct way to post a meme? Just saw the mod fix mine.


When you want to use a file store on an external host site, you need to copy the file locally (to your device), then upload here. The host site attempts to insert ads and links when you copy directly. Those inserts are blocked by most forums including ours.


The ‘mop’ feature on the OEM robot vacuum is nothing more than a Swiffer pad that the vacuum drags around.

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M too lazy. Would have loved one regardless.