What does this mean?

So, I have the original Wyze robot vacuum and there must have been some cockamamie software update.

Before when I used to take out the dust bin to empty it, the vacuum said: “Dust bin removed”.

Now it says: “Two-in-one water tank and dust bin removed”.


What water tank? Is this some new “option” or something?


From what Wyze has said publicly, they tested seeing if it was worth adding a mopping attachment to this vacuum, and their tests didn’t yield positive enough feedback for them to go through with it, so they canceled it. Apparently there is still code leftover from their mopping attachment testing and when your dustbin hits the metal contacts inside the vacuum in a certain way, it incorrectly says something about the watertank, when it shouldn’t. This is nothing to worry about it though. Just know that it is something Wyze has decided didn’t work out well enough to launch publicly. At least that is what they have been explaining in public.



As stated, it really is harmless. And, it’s not just the original vacuum. I have the newer Walmart one with the factory installed .306 firmware that has never been updated yet. It has announced that once to me as well. :joy: