Robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mower, like the Roomba but for your lawn.

Technically speaking iRobot (Roomba) is already making a robotic lawn mower. Also Wyze is probably not going to even think about this for years (if they even think about it) as a small start up smart home company I don’t think robots are high on their list but maybe I’m wrong. I would love a robotic lawn mover but I don’t think it’s going to happen.


I have one, it’s called my son. :wink::wink::wink:


I will have one in about 9 years, my kid is still 9 months old :stuck_out_tongue:


Robotic mower with mapping and returns to charger.


Seems like an easy addition to the Wyze community. Beef up all the mechanicals of the new robot vacuum cleaner, change out the brush for a blade, make it weatherproof. Engineers; Fyi, I Currently mow my grass at .5 inch to 1 inch.


Speaking of height of cut, different grass types require different height. My St. Augustine grass for example requires 3 to 4” height of cut. But that’s relatively easy to manage with some mechanical levers just like a normal rotary lawn mower

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I have been looking for a robot lawnmower for the past year and a half and there are a few options out there but they haven’t been attractive enough for me to bite the bullet and buy one. After Wyze announced the new Robot Vacuum I looked at the tech and features, and I thought why can’t they put the same tech into a Robot Lawnmower. I feel a lot of the requirements for a vacuum (size, capacity, noise) would be less of an obstacle for a lawnmower, thus making it a somewhat logical next product to spin off from their newly announced vacuum. I feel the main criteria I would look for are:

  • Wifi controllability
  • Easy of setup (via boundary wire or other option)
  • Affordability
  • Yard size restrictions (most offerings start around 1/8-1/4 Acre and increase exponentially in price)

Does anyone else think this should be the next item Wyze develops?


Welcome to the Wyze community @WiseMan!
This is a great idea!
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I was just thinking about this today! Now that the vacuum is coming out and wyze has water proof cameras now. Why not combine those components into a robot lawnmower. That just makes sense as the next logical step!


A Smart lawnmower would dump leaves & grass along a line across the yard, EZ Pickup.

I Just bought a house 6 months ago, i would jump on this in a heartbeat. :ok_hand: :smile:


A good functional benchmark is provided by Husqvarna’s line of robotic mowers which can be found at Robotic Lawn Mowers | Husqvarna Global | Husqvarna US

Given Wyze’s benchmark vacuum, which I have purchased, I agree with the comments provided by others that note the relative ease of product line extension of the baseline indoor vacuum to outdoors mower. Much like the vacuum, it would be brand-consistent for Wyze to deliver a system that incorporated GPS-assist and intelligent navigation thus eliminating the necessity of a control-wire and random-walk navigation and to do so at maket-leading price points. I’ll submit my deposit today.


I’m all in for a Wyze robot mulching mower! Mowing is not easy on my aging knees :older_woman:

I was watching my new Robotic Vac work (its amazing) and was thinking why couldn’t Wyze use the LIDAR technology to build a lawn Mower. Then I went to the Wyze site and you all have already thought it this… I pretty much own everything you all have made so far. I would buy the Mower!!

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I would also like to see Wyze manufacture a robotic lawn mower. After seeing how well the vacuum works, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big stretch to manufacture the mower, especially a programmable one that doesn’t require a boundary wire. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


I love the Robotic VAC and would love a robotic lawn mower that didn’t use a boundary wire. I would buy it for sure!!!


Absolute Necessity! I’d love to know if this is on a development list and could become a reality. The only Wyze products I don’t have are the ones that came out AFTER I had already bought a different brand because I didn’t know it as coming ie. sprinkler controller, alarm - ugh.

Yeah, but the maintenance cost on those things is outrageous!

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Take the lidar and motor control and smarts that the Robot Vacuum has and apply it to a Robot Lawn Mower.

You have the spinning motor for the sweep. Put one on the left side also. Do away with the vacuum part and the bin part, and add a third spinning blade to the center.

Make the deck hight adjustable. And now you have a Robot Lawn Mower. Same mapping tech as the vacuum!