Robot Vacuum Cleaning Issue

I bought the vacuum and it worked fine for the first 2 months. Now I have started seeing 2 issues.

  1. *Vacuum will follow the map and all of a sudden will go clean a small area over and over and over again.
    This is the photo of a perfect run. .

This issue started on Mar 7 when it somehow thought that it is in a different room.

. I thought this could be a one-time issue but since then it has not completed a full run.
As seen in the photo, it is trying to map the room for the first time and it will keep on cleaning the same place over and over again. This has happened on several occasions.
After running for few minutes, it stays in the same place and does random cleaning.

    • Stops automatically even though the power is above 80+
      I have always made sure that there is enough power but it just stops without any notice on the app. I have to manually pick it up and place it in the charging station and the record of the existing cleaning is also wiped out for some reason.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Have you sent in a log?