Robot vacuum stops before completing rooms

My vacuum has recently started to just stop cleaning a room before it is done. I find it in the morning stopped with nothing blocking it. I ran it during the day and noticed that it stopped because it sensed that the dustbin was out. I took it out and reinserted it and the vacuum started up again. About 80% into finishing the room, the vacuum stopped and just started moving back and forth slightly while turning slightly. Again, nothing was blocking it. I have already tried remapping (which worked fine). Once it stops and starts just moving back and forth slightly my only option is to carry it back to the charging station. If I try to send it to the charging station using the app, it won’t move. Sending it to another room on the map has the same result. Vacuum follows the new map very well for the portion it does vacuum. There have been no changes to the furniture layout or any new obstacles since I mapped last. Any suggestions?

I hadn’t given up the past three days even though this posting generated no replies. I finally figured out that the drive motor for one of the two wheels has almost completely locked up. The vacuum now starts and then slowly spins in a circle anchored by the basically immobile wheel, stops and then slowly starts spinning the other direction. Can’t even make it back to the charging station. Bye-bye Wyze vac. It lasted about two years. Will be replaced by a Eufy that I ordered last night. Tried to find a replacement wheel motor but good luck with that. We can’t even get brushes or filters for the Wyze vac! Plenty of them for Eufy (wheel motors AND brushes and filters).

I have a robot vac that just stops and goes into standby mode. Side note, I have 3 of these and only the 1 just started to go into standby mode, in the middle of the room. I can dock the vac, it will turn on and charge (still at 60%). It will vacuum 2 areas in the morning with no issue, then in the afternoon, it gets tired and lays down for a nap, I guess. I too cleaned all the surfaces. As a matter of fact, each month, I completely clean it from top, bottom, inside, outside, everything. This just started the same time as your issue did.

I have the exact same issue