Vacuum stuck, ran out of battery

So today I ran the vacuum for the entire house, for the first time. It got stuck when it was at about 15% and ran down the battery trying to escape. I had to pick it up and bring it back to the charger. After it fully recharges, how do I get it to complete the rest of the house? I don’t want it to start over again.

I dont think you can resume if you picked it up.
If you do not have the map completed, you probably should complete the map first anyway. If you know why it got stuck, eliminate that trap before reattempting.
(If you already have the entire floor mapped, just select the rooms that need cleaning, obviously)

Well I had to pick it up - it actually asked me to LOL. So I have to start all over then??? ARRRGGHHHH!!!

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Not sure if this will work, but perhaps you can put it back where it got stuck (after removing the obstruction), and resume cleaning from there.

Thanks - I went ahead and reset the map, blocked off the exercise bike (where it got stuck) and finally got it to finish. One return to charge - 2.5 hours to complete the whole floor. Now I have a good map.

At least you got it to map. Mine interrupted constantly and never did get a complete map of the house.

This is a common problem for my vacuum.
First…it’s gets stuck a lot. I realize that items like cords or fabrics (like the corner of a blanket hanging off the sofa…) are problems for any vacuum. But I’ve had other vacuums like this that did would sometimes avoid disaster when encountering an errant cord. But there’s something about this vacuum that makes it 100% guaranteed if it encounters a cord: It’s done. It WILL become hopelessly wound tightly around the wheels and/or brush. Perhaps they need to redesign the brush?
This leads to the topic at-hand…which is the battery dying while disabled. Other vaccums I’ve had seem to detect when they are stuck, and stop to await rescue. But this one seems to keep struggling until the battery dies and it drops off the network.
So the problem seems to be that the vacuum is not very good at determining when it’s in trouble, and just sitting tight. The only remedy is to locate the dead vacuum and pick it up to return it to the charger. Surely through the various sensors and its own ability to move it should be able to realize that something is amiss, and alert you - rather than keep fighting until the battery dies (or worse, the motors burn out).

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I have mentioned this numerous times, same issues. The vacuum would either end up with a dead battery stuck on some object or forget where it is and just wander around. The reason it gets caught appears to be the wobble in the vac. When you watch it run, pay attention to the wobble ( kinda like a flying saucer in a bad1950’s Scy fi movie) that wobble, causes the vacuum to lift itself up and down on objects, tugging and pulling on cords into itself causing the entanglement. My Roborock s5 runs the exact same course as the Wyze unit did and never hangs up. The Wyze unit never did complete my rooms. The Roborock has ran the same path for over two years with almost zero issues. I know Xiaomi makes the vacuum…but I believe the real issues are in the programming. I got rid of mine, Good Luck.

That happens to me all the time! I regret buying this vacuum.