Ridiculously slow performance - anyone else?

This has been going on since the whole CamPlus stuff was released. I get a notification and it just spins and spins. Go to live video and whatever may have happened has passed, sinced I have to kill the app and reopen multiple times before anything will even load. Hell someone could break into my car or house before I can even see what is going on. This can’t be right.

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I have similar issue with the slow loading of recordings. I have three cams with two of them with Plus subscriptions. Many times the loading will perpetually freeze requiring me to restart the app. Some recordings never load, period.

Same thing here. I even try to use the 4x to speed it up but still takes forever to load to view the videos. I thought they were on the cloud? I have CamPlus and should be able to view the recording at warp speed you would think

lol 4x speed is for playback speed. has nothing to do with downloading the videos faster.