Rich (thumbnails) notifications inconsistent

Can anyone shed any light on why rich notifications (with thumbnails attached) are so inconsistent.

I’m getting rich notifications only about 10% of the time.

Sometimes for the same alert I will get a rich notification on one device, but not on another (see screenshot for an example - top is iphone, bottom is ipad).

Anything I can do to improve this?

Another example attached - only one has a thumbnail

Wyze is aware of this and is working on a solution

Also can you provide the following:

  • Camera firmware version
  • App Version
  • device Log. Go to the device, settings, Wyze Support and submit a log. Then post log number here.

here you go, cheers

iPhone app: 916041 ver 2.38.4 (3)
Cam v3 pro: 916042 ver
iPad app: 916043 ver 2.38.4 (3)