Retrofit Wyze Lock for apartments and renters

I have been eyeballing a retrofit smart lock called Sesame by a company called Candyhouse. It seems a few years old and not many reviews on it. It appears to be one of the few retrofit smart locks on the market. Most smart locks require you to unscrew and install new hardware. This retrofit lock attaches with adhesive strips.

Since Wyze is very price competitive and what i feel to be perfect for apartment dwellers, i would love to see Wyze update their smart lock lineup with one that retrofits over an existing turn knob for the deadbolt. No unscrewing any hardware. If your fingers can turn it, so can this lock.

Please look into this solution for those of us not living in situations that permit us to uninstall door hardware or live in older New York buildings with vintage looking locks.


Looks interesting. Having had experience with various sizes of Command Strip type products, I would never count on this staying attached a month later. Way too many forces (a major one being gravity). Even the oversized velcro grippers holding car tags don’t stay on windshields.