Hack: Renter Friendly Mount for Wyze Lock Keypad

Wyze Lock Keypad Mount Apartment

I needed a mounting option for the Keypad that was more renter friendly than adhesive, so I bought a no-drill no-adhesive apartment friendly doorbell mount and screwed the Wyze Lock Keypad mount to it instead.

The mount I decided on using was designed for the Nest product line. The Wyze Lock Keypad is only big enough to use one screw hole (and the screw hole that fit best required installing the Nest portion upside down). Eventually I will use both the screw hole and the adhesive to secure it to the doorbell mount, but I’m still making sure the mount and the Wyze Lock and the Keypad are all still a good fit for my home and lifestyle (I just got them all this weekend). I’m not worried about anti-theft since the Keypad’s own mount was never anti-theft in the first place but I think using both the screw and adhesive will make it pretty sturdy for long term use. In any case, I’m not worried about losing any part of my security deposit with this method versus using adhesive directly on the door or frame or siding.

If I had access to fancy equipment, I’d make my own metal mounting plate the same size as the Keypad with a more solid backing for adhesive to firmly attach. Maybe one of you out there have access to such a thing for yourself.

Sharing in hopes of helping other apartment renters who need this hack! Hope this helps someone!


Just adding here that I mounted the keypad low to keep it at a wheelchair accessible height but also to make room for a video doorbell up top in the future (I still haven’t decided how I’m going to mount a Wyze doorbell for my apartment). If you’re someone who wants to mount it higher than I have, be my guest. :slight_smile: