Restart V3 cam that’s offline

I’m sending a squirrel up to visit so he can taste test all your wiring :grin:


I have my forum email post alerts read by my digital assistant in my BT headset… You just made my day! Everyone was staring at me laughing hysterically! Best laugh I have had in a long time!

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This is exactly how I had my router set up to reboot daily (crappy ISP+crappy ISP supplied modem/router combo). I’m using TP-Link Kasa HS103, rock solid plugs, They remember last power stage and keep schedules locally, however if there is power outage for a prolonged time, they have no idea what time it is without internet. Having said that, they’ll just hang there not providing power to the router. I had a power outage at the cottage for over ten hours, and the plug never recovered until I went there and manually reset everything. What I do now is, I plug the Kasa plug with no schedule in one of this

scheduled to turn the power off at 3:00AM and back on at 3:01AM. No WiFi needed. The router is plugged into the Kasa plug in case I need to reboot it any other time.

My guess is, even the best plugs can hang if no internet for a longer time.

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Back before the internet existed the device below was how you had access to your home automation when away from home - The X-10 Telephone Responder Controller:

I have a box full of these…LOL

These are still used by people to reset their internet & router when the network is down and they have a working land line. Still people on DSL with phone service in some areas.


I don’t think @bryonhu thought it was funny. He has a post from Nov.2021 in the Pepé and friends thread where he stated a squirrel knocked out three of his V3 cams by chewing the wires and another post where a squirrel attacked and knocked down his cam. Maybe I’ll just do a remote contract with one of the local tree rats. :rofl:

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Sent another skunk your way :skunk:


BRILLIANT. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I see immediately why you are still using the Kasa though you have the Outlet Timer. (Simply saying so its clear to others.) The Kasa still allows you control to restart/manage when you wish to restart the Router/Modem. Very smart.

We do what we must to make sure our stuff does what we want/need it to, eh?

@bryonhu, you have “fremenies” that are squirrels? Have you checked out Mark Rober’s Squirrel Endurance Course on YouTube?

Correct, as my internet can get flaky sometimes, it slows down to a crawl.

Squirrels haven’t been being vandals lately, Mr. Kitty is keeping them in check.

Winter is here and snow is on the way, the squirrels are probably held up in their nut stashes :chestnut::chipmunk:

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All the critters here are taking a shower :rofl:

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What is CFH? If Wyze improved their smart plugs, why wasn’t I notified that a new improved version exists? Mine have been in a box for quite a while because they dropped regularly. Wemo is no better, and I agree that Wemo’s setup process is awful.

CFH is “Certified For Humans”.

I have noticed several improvements in Wyze hardware over time. The plug is just one example. Wyze is constantly looking to improve their hardware.

The OG plug was improved to the 2021 version and then to the 2022 version. The CFH versions have a CFH “Key” logo on the back.

The 2021 versions are more network stable and are still being sold until stock runs out. The 2022 versions added an internal safety temp overheat shutdown notification.

The only way to tell the difference in the 2021 and 2022 is by the firmware on the plug. The changes and updates were announced in the forum #news channel when the firmware was released and on the Firmware Updates page.



Thanks for the quick response. Me thinks Wyze needs to contact owners to let them know of an outdated product, that a newer one is available, with a list of improvements. Proactive in other words.
Else, some of their customers may be vocal in their displeasure, on forums, emails or word of mouth.

Personally, I think you are asking way to much from Wyze. Out of my head, I can’t recall any company that does this. I am an Apple user, both desktop and mobile. Never ever have Apple contacted me to let let me know that an improved piece of hardware is available. I get the update reminders in iOS/Mac, but that’s about it. I think same goes to anybody else. No company is in a babysitting business IMHO.

Wyze is not a car dealership that is willing or interested in trading in outdated products for new products. So, its highly unlikely that they will take the hint and start contacting customers that they products they are currently using is old/outdated.

…that is willingly replacing recall parts due to safety :rofl:

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Yeah, you’re right. But maybe Wyze would like to be different from other companies. And I did not say they needed to replace outdated products, but they might want to let customers know. Sending out an email would cost practically nothing.
I, for one, don’t hang out on the forum and website, mainly because I don’t have time to wade through it all. Still, I think Wyze cams are great.

Another vote for kasa plugs. They have a strong WiFi radio and have been flawless. I’ve had D-Link outlets and they are a bit flakey but have a cool 15 minute on off cycle that is good for recirculating pumps so i keep a few for that task.

With millions of customers that would be nearly impossible. The amount of data management would just be a nightmare.