V3 offline update

This is an update on my prior questions to the Forum regarding V3 going offline. My posted questions were;

How to get mV3 back online if it goes Offline while I’m away from home and can’t back to unplug and plug it back in to get it to reconnect. SlabSlayer and others indicated that plugging the cam into a Smart Plug would allow me to turn the smart plug off then back on using the app to recover the camera. That works very well thank you.

After getting the above resolved I was then concerned about getting the Smart Plug back online if I were away from home and couldn’t get to it to unplug then replug it in to bring it back. What I then realized is that my router can be Rebooted remotely. That solves issue number 2.

Therefore if away from home (especially for an extended period) and my cam which is plugged into a smart plug goes offline I only need to go to the app and reset the smart plug.
If on the other hand the smart plug goes offline while I’m away I can reboot the router remotely to get it back online.

This information may not be BIG news to many of you guys on the Forum but it was and is to me.
Thanks to everyone, especially SlabSlayer for helping me get to where I am now on these issues… tlhutch4


Glad you got your design all sorted out with @SlabSlayer 's suggestions and the capabilities of your router.

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Also glad you have made progress! And trust me, when I started using Wyze IoT and came to the forum, I was asking lots of questions and learning new things all the time! It was like drinking water from a fire hose!

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SlabSlayer, you obviously progressed very well and are now helpful to others…Thanks again, tlhutch4


Hope that SmartPlug stays online. I have SmartPlugs. When my cameras go offline, so do my SmartPlugs.
I know. It’s my wifi.

I am in the same boat at my cottage. Crappy ISP, no other choice. I solved the problem by connecting my router to a digital timer that doesn’t need WiFi or internet. Set a daily schedule and my issues were solved. This is what I’m using:
CANAGROW Indoor Digital Programmable Timers for Electrical Outlets,Outlet Timer, 7 Day Wall Plug in Light Timer Outlet,3-Prong Outlet for Appliances, 15A/1800W