Cam V3 going off line---into cloud status

When cam V3 goes off-line into cloud status, you cannot reset it from the app. Pressing power button from the app keeps getting an error code 90 message—“offline”. You have to physically unplug power cord and plug it back in to be able to press app power button to restart cam. Problem is—what if you are not home, or on vacation, and this happens? You are stuck offline and in cloud status possibly for a long time. That makes the cam useless until you return. There should be a way to restart it from the app.

I suggest you purchase smart plugs and plug your cams into them so you can power cycle the cams from anyplace. You can get WYZE smart plugs and use the same WYZE app or purchase another brand like I did and just add another app to your device.


Thank you Antonius.
That sounds like a good idea. Did you ever have the problem I described?


I purchased some smart plug tp-link KASA wi-fi smart plugs so I can power cycle my three V3 cams from anyplace and anytime they need it. I have only used them once, The WYZE smart plugs should work just fine, I just wanted to use a different brand. I connected my modem/router to a smart plug also just in case it needed a quick restart, I have not had to use it yet but it’s there.

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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
I really appreciate the help. I wish Wyze support could have suggested this. It sounds like a good fix to my problem.

Thanks again,

This is a known issue, and the fix is coming to public beta for the v2 and pan cams very soon. If it works, other devices will get it as well.

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Thank you for responding. I hope so.


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I have the same plugs and have connected my modem/router on one of them. I have created a “Schedule” to turn the plug off at 3:00 AM and back on at 3:01 AM every day. How do you restart it? If you turn it OFF, you can’t get back on to turn it ON as the modem/router are offline. :thinking:

Instead of “quick restart ” I should have said Quick Power Cycle. :upside_down_face:

Although I think I could set the plugs up on my Xfinity Wi-Fi network on the phone and control the plugs that way, just to lazy to change it.

Thank you habib.
All solutions are helpful, and give me ideas about how to fix this problem.



I knew exactly what you meant, but thank you for clarifying this for anyone else that may have this problem.
Yes----this solution is for the “quick power cycle” which is needed, but cannot be done on scene.


Okay, now you are just showing off :smile:

So, the best way to do this is to create a “schedule” before you power down the router, or you’ll be screwed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You got it brother, I thought some of our more tech savvy friends on the forum have figured it out. I guess it is what Kasa/TP-Link dishes out.

Me too hope that they implement the feature

Wyze plugs have local schedules. Use this.

In the plugs settings, hit schedule.

Xfinity is my provider, I am using my own modem/router (MOTO 16 (2.4 network and 16 5G , the 5…0 network) The Xfinity Wi-Fi is free but I have never used it. It says all the information is encrypted with it’s own IP address on the phone. If I used that free network I would still do it with a VPN set to another state or country. Sounds like to much work to me but I might give it a try someday.

I think I have enough of Wyze technology down my throat with their cameras. I’m not going to invest any money or time with anything else that they “invent”. Kasa/Tp-Link plugs have been working strong for me and I’m going to stick with them.

Yeah to much mambo-jambo. I like it clean and able to modify my own router.

Also, Kasa TP-Link has schedules. What I’m looking is a restart or reboot option.

Since I have a base station and 4 WCO along with the three V3 cams I won’t be doing any scheduling to stop and restart the router. I would then have to wait for the base to restart and connect, then wait for the cams to come back online. Sometimes when I need to power cycled the base (About every 3-4 months) it’s a roll of the dice of when the cams come back up. Usually one or two cams will come back online instantly and the other two may take 5-10 minutes, it’s never the same.

I recently bought a 2nd Wyze V3 camera to add to the one I purchased in Oct. ‘21. Older camera is working just fine. I installed the new camera, and it would keep going off-line after about 10 minutes, or less. When I start the app I can get a live video of my old camera within seconds, the new one cranks and cranks and may or may not go online, and when/if it does, it goes off shortly later. I would recycle, reinstall, power off, …etc. and nothing helped. WYZE finally sent me a replacement - same problem. Their customer support was trying to tell me it is because it is trying to connect to my 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi, but I know it’s not. I have an Orbi mesh system and I can go into my device controls and see which satellite it is connected to and what Wi-Fi signal is it using. It is using the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, same as my older V3 camera. I have uninstalled the app, powered it down and up, reinstalled the camera, everything they recommended and there is still the problem. Why would my older V3 camera work just fine, and the new ones both have the same problem, unless WYZE tried to fix something that wasn’t broken and screwed up the hardware or software? Old and new cameras are running the same software version and both have a SD card installed, old works flawlessly, new one is now a paper weight. Thought maybe the problem was the trial cam plus subscription, so I waited for that to expire before I tried firing it up again - still having the same problem. I even tried using the power cable and charger from my old camera on the new one, problem still exists. Then I tried taking it to my neighbor’s house and have him try to install it. He also has an earlier V3 camera that works flawlessly, and the new V3 camera had the same problem staying connected. Something has changed in the V3 cameras. The suggestion to hook the camera to a smart plug to make it easier to restart is not a real solution to the problem, only makes it easier to get back on line. Why even have one of the newer V3 cameras if you have to restart it every time you go to view it. WYZE needs to determine what they changed and reverse it. I will be returning the new one for a refund and forget about buying any more of the WYZE V3 cameras until they fix this problem.