[RESOLVED] Service Advisory: Online/Offline Status Not Updating Correctly - 12/19/20

@WyzeGwendolyn when you have these huge impact system/software issues you should send a text to all current customers so we don’t bombard your tech assist lines and more importantly give peace of mind for our home security knowing that automated monitoring may be temporarily down.


Not much help for those who own the V1 sensors. Does Wyze plan to give us replacements for all of the ones we already own in order to fix the issue?


Is this impacting bulbs as well?
My sensors are stuck in their last state, but also I have a number of bulbs showing offline.

Trying to figure out if these are related or a separate problem I’m having here.

@CapeCodTodd, I agree that the scale is our most solid product. It’s not what I would have predicted before we launched it and I never cared about scales before but I honestly love mine. We’re working on an RBG bulb that I’m playing with now and I’m VERY excited about it but my bulbs have always been pretty solid for me so I don’t know if it will solve the issues you’ve been experiencing. I’m listening and I appreciate your venting. Cheers to working on Saturday! :tropical_drink:

@SAM-Ali, we improved a lot with the sensor hardware between v1 and v2 and we’re working on improving the infrastructure for all of our products. We also take the home monitoring service very seriously and hope to earn your trust with it. :slight_smile:

@muerte33, please contact our support team! We should be replacing sensors that brick due to the battery issue. We hope that you’ll enjoy your vacuum (and the v3) even though you’re having reservations about them but you can still cancel your order before it ships if you would feel more comfortable waiting.

Wyze Customer Support

@Big_monkey, the v2 sensors are currently bundled with Wyze Home Monitoring Service but they’ll be available separately later. There are both entry and motion sensors and we’re also working on leak sensors.

@djbenedetti, we aren’t set up for texts like that yet but I’ll share your suggestion with the team. :slight_smile:

@WildBill, if your sensor bricks after the battery depletes, please contact customer support for assistance.

@Matthast, yes, Wyze Bulbs are also affected by this but we are seeing improvement on our side. This is probably related.

I had exactly the same experience with the bulbs… I’ve recently replaced all my Wyze bulbs with some new RGB hubless Wi-Fi bulbs… they set up in 45 seconds via the Smartlife app, and integrate very well with Alexa routines…

As for the sensors and motion detectors, I guess they’ve got a system-wide problem right now …none of mine are working… And I’ve set up at least a dozen automations in routines to turn lights and off and on automatically and that’s just not happening… And I’m finding overriding those routines and doing it manually is not the easiest thing in the world…

Although I’m getting random repeated notifications from many hours ago now… Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out sometime over the weekend …If not, it’s going to be a long, frustrating one…

And as for home monitoring, well, I bought WYZE products mostly because of the cost factor… (And being one of the first 50,000 customers I was offered and accepted free person detection on my V2 cameras… I wanted to replace those V2 cameras with V3 cameras… but if I do, I will lose free person detection, as The service is not transferable to another camera. :rage:

The last thing I’m looking for is a bunch of monthly subscriptions, especially if the product isn’t very reliable…

I’m noticing the prices are coming down dramatically on other similar products, so I may begin to look elsewhere for a contact sensor and motion detector solution that integrates with Alexa routines and automations… (I’m very happy with all the different products I’ve purchased that are compatible with the Smartlife app… They make a great 10 plug power strip, five of those plugs are Alexa enabled, so I’ve installed them in almost every room and plugged regular everyday lamps into them to automate each room… unfortunately I’m using WYZE contact sensors or motion detectors to trigger those lights and that’s the weak link… I also got a couple of terrific Wi-Fi water leak detectors for my hot water heater and laundry room… only 23 bucks… and a few smart sockets, which you can screw into any light fixture, and it turns whatever bulb you then screw into it, into a smart bulb that can be automated and controlled via Alexa or Google) Just have to find a good reliable contact sensor and motion sensor that will work with Alexa and Google and there seems to be quite a few choices… researching that today…

The company I first purchased products from, is a different company now… (Originally a V2 camera was going to have person detection free for life along with the 12-second clips for 14 days, And that’s why I bought their products… But now, It’s going the way of monthly subscriptions for products and services… and I’m not interested in that at all…


Anyone using Wyze for home monitoring should understand the hit or miss they will encounter. If you can’t afford a better solution, it’s better than nothing but it isn’t something people should count on. Wyze is not ready for serious prime time security. This is 2 major issues in the last few weeks. They can’t get the fundamentals right and are trying to grow too fast. They sold sensors that don’t send out low battery notifications and then when the battery goes dead and you replace it, the sensor doesn’t work anymore. I mean, who designs something like that? What other middle school engineering designs are in their other products just waiting to be discovered? Caveat emptor. Nice products for watching the dog but not protecting your house and valuables. Maybe they will get there one day but they are having issues that other companies have long since solved. Getting notifications today that are about 5 hours behind. That would great to be away and get notified that your house was broken into 5 hours ago.


Regarding the scale …I couldn’t have been less interested in the scale… I went to pre-order the band, and when I saw the scale was just 20 bucks… I thought to myself (as I did with my first V2 camera), “what have I got to lose?, It’s only 20 bucks!”…

Now, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to admit that I was completely and totally shocked the first time I stood on that scale, (I hadn’t weighed myself in literally over a decade), …and the numbers screamed back at me!!! The numbers were scary big! :open_mouth: (I named it the “truth teller” in the app), :wink:

but since then, I’ve lost 30 lb. :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:

… Update on the sensor issue…

as I’m sitting here on the couch typing on my phone, I got a notification of a person detected on the garage cam… just now… It’s the first on time notification I’ve had since yesterday… Now it was just a reflection through the window, but I’m just glad I got a notification, and that maybe things are working again… :thinking::crossed_fingers:

fingers crossed…

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We’re slowly getting through the backlog. :slight_smile:

And yeah, my scale wasn’t very nice to me when I first set it up either! Congrats for the weight loss. :slight_smile:

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I contacted support when my contact sensor died. After multiple back and forth messages that took weeks to get them to understand the issue, they sent me a sensor THAT HAD A DEAD BATTERY out of the box. I tested the battery and it was less than .77V. It then took many more back and forth messages to get another replacement as they couldn’t seem to understand that the failed sensor had just been sent to me by Wyze. After explaining that I had just received the replacement sensor from Wyze AND providing the order number, I get an message back asking

  • What is the date you purchased the product?
  • Please verify the model ID located on your device (it can be found on the label on your device)
    If purchased directly from Wyze, what is your order number?
  • If purchased elsewhere, please provide a picture of your proof of purchase.

With the increasing frequency of the service impacts, I would suggest the someone introduce your SRE team (or whatever they are called in your org) to the concepts of HA, DR, and BC. Your customers deserve transparency and commitment to a working service.

@chris1434, could you please give me that support ticket number and the MAC of the replacement sensor that came with a dead battery if you still have it? I’d like to report this to the team.

@stickman, I’ll share this feedback with the team. :slight_smile:

Thanks WyzeGwendolyn, but the last time (and only time) I got a contact sensor replaced, I said I would NEVER go through that torture again, and would just spend the $20 on a new kit. Now I cannot even buy a new kit, I would like to box up these bad sensors and send them back to Wyze and see if they could do a postmortem on them.

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The first ticket was 724807 and the second ticket was 783109. I did eventually get a sensor that worked although I am guessing it was the V1 that will be useless when the battery dies. It took 11 days to get the first sensor and 15 days to get the replacement one. The delay was only made worse by the nonsensical responses that clearly indicated no one was really paying attention to what I wrote. The back and forth just created more frustration that I was dealing with such a horrible design and a company obviously struggling to understand customer service.


I am guessing this is a pump it up company looking for a buy out. They aren’t going to invest in things like that if they are looking to be flipped. Whoever buys them will already have that in place if they choose to continue with the products. Wyze bringing out these low priced clones is surely ticking off the other companies. One of them will be annoyed enough to buy them to shut them down if nothing else.


12/19/20 1:00 PM PT - We are continuing to work through the backlog and some customers are reporting normal function again. During this time, you may receive multiple notifications for the same Event or delayed notifications from Events that occurred during the outage. Thank you for your patience.


Just a heads up, Camera and Bulbs will not show “OFF” I turn them off in the app but upon refresh they appear “ON” again. East Coast here.

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“We apologize”

“Thank you for your patience.”

“Sorry for the trouble.”

“We’ve been making infrastructure changes to reduce the likelihood of issues”

The 4 most frequently used phrases used by Wyze in the nearly 3 years since I bought my first product. Some things are consistent, and unfortunately recurring at an alarming frequency.


All my devices (10 cameras, 1 bulb, 3 plugs) disappeared from my phones and tablet.
What is happening?

Still the Wyze sensors are not working. Not updating notifications

Same here, everything is gone. App works maybe 1 in 5 times and I have to login every time.

Getting fed up with this company.