Reset modem and router on internet loss

Hi All,
We frequently lose internet access at our home. It happens randomly during the day. Rebooting the modem and router restores connection every time. I get a notification from the Homepass app that the network is offline. I’d like to have the modem and router plugged into a Wyze plug and turn off for 2 minutes, then back on when this happens. Since the network is down this would have to be handled locally upon detection of no internet connection. Is there a rule and/or device that would accomplish this? BTW I have checked with the ISP (monopoly) and they say it’s “not on their end”. Modem and router/mesh network are their hardware.

Wyze plugs support local schedules, but it’s just a set time. You wouldn’t be able to detect if the network is down. I’m not aware of any plugs that do that.


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Was trying to use existing devices but I’ll give this one a look, thx!

Smart plugs (Wyze, Amazon, TP-Link, etc.) require access to cloud servers to work, which is the problem you are trying to resolve. You need a solution that doesn’t rely on cloud servers. The product I tagged uses simple ping tests to see if you are connected to the internet. If a ping fails, it reboots your router. I’m sure there are other similar products available to do this.