Restarting Rule For Lost Network Connection

Wyze, you could develop a rule that restarts a device automatically when it loses internet connection. An example is the plug that was developed in this attachment.

There are multiple devices that will monitor internet connectivity and reboot the router if it is lost.

The unfortunate result of this functionality being placed onto a Wyze device in the case of an ISP outage or router failure is that the Wyze device would be caught in a continual reboot loop until the internet comes back up.

Those are cool, but if this is a common problem for you and a reboot fixes the problem, then it may be time to invest that cash in a new router or modem. :wink:

I have no issues at all. But no matter how rock solid your setup is, you will always have a problem.

Clearly there are other devices. I posted an example. It wouldn’t be stuck in a loop. They can program it to reboot every hour.

Oh my, if you have an issue that requires you to reboot every hour, you really need to fix that. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember the last time I had a router glitch that required a reboot of the router. Been years? I did have a problem once, but the router was broke. Two routers later still up and running 24/7. I changed out the last router only for one with better specs.

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Self healing network drop procedures would be useful to users who do experience that on less than optimal networks. It would certainly need to be fine tuned so that it didn’t reboot at the drop of a hat when a signal blip is registered. Also wouldn’t want it rebooting if the router \ ISP is the issue, just if the device is dropped.

Here is the Wishlist topic where you can go vote for it:


I don’t have issues. If the internet goes down, it could be programmed to reboot each hour until it reconnects. Are you here to analyze my network status? Stop trolling and move on.

Just trying to help someone who may have been ignoring an issue that is much easier to fix. :wink:

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Seeking advice – got the Wyze Pan V3. The network disconnect happens so frequently that manually restarting via ‘camera restart’ is becoming a hassle to regain access. Imagine missing it – no live stream until you reset. Any solutions!!!

Having the same issue since the latest upgrade - have to restart the cameras multiple times each day - WYZE: any update coming?