Reset light bulb

Why can’t Wyze put a restart device button on lightbulbs like they do on cameras. There a Wi-Fi device and when the Wi-Fi goes out in the bulb won’t come back on why can’t we just do a restart like we do with the cameras? Now we have to delete it and add it back as a new product. It seems like a lot to do when it’s essentially the same set up as a Camera

When the wifi comes back on the blulb should reconnect within a few minutes. I have not had an issue for the most part with them reconnecting after internet or power loss.

I have an issue with just one bulb. The other 11 all connected fine but this one bulb will not connect for the life of me I always have to delete it out and re-add it and it’s the closest to a Wi-Fi extender of all the bulbs

Just the other day I did some cable management near my network hub and had unplugged my access point for a few minutes. After I plugged it back in, there were a few bulbs out of my bunch that renamed off line when everything came back up. I just turned their light switches off for a moment then back on. After about a minute everything showed online.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I know the issue could very well be the bulb itself, but have you done any switching of bulbs to nail down if it in fact that bulb that has issues? Example would be to place a known good bulb in the bad spot and the bad bulb in a known good spot? Or try a different fixture? How does that bad bulb do when connected to the main router, instead of the wifi extender?


What @Omgitstony said is correct, swap two bulbs, problem follows the bulb get support involved for a replacement, problem stays with the fixture then we need to troubleshoot why.

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