Reset button on Floodlight

So I’ve noticed and I’m sure others have the amount of error 90 that your cams seem to have. Well I recently found out when my new flood light cam v3 through an error code 90 that there is no power or reset button on the floodlight cam v3. So I had to throw the breaker in order to get it to reset. Well my Floodlight isn’t the only thing on that circuit. So it was a little alarming that is what I need to do to reset it. I think a power button on it, or a reset button, or even just telling people they need to install a switch would’ve a big benefit. So they don’t have to also reset half their plugs in their house every time there is an error 90.

I’m still not understanding

You can reset both the floodlight and the v3 on the accessory

To reset the floodlight: v3 settings> accessories > floodlight> restart floodlight

To reset v3: settings> Scrolls down > restart camera

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You can’t reset it through the app because it’s an error 90. It doesn’t realize its even got a flood light attached to it.

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Right , all you have to do is turn off the switch to the floodlight and wait a few seconds and it’ll connect again

Happened to me tonight as well my cameras went offline on the v3, I installed a wyze switch on the floodlight switch so I can turn the switch off and off through the app when I’m not close to it.

My problem is no one told me I needed to install a switch in it: I thought for sure there would have been a reset button on it seeing as it’s hardwired

I’m talking about your switch that turns off and on the floodlight . If your cameras are showing error code 90 that means offline . The fix to this , is just turning off the switch to the floodlight for a few seconds and then back on.

It’s a quick hard reset and should get your cameras back online

The OP doesn’t have their Spotlight on a switch. Neither do I.

It sounds as if he or she doesn’t have a switch for the light. Thus the need to trip the breaker…

There is no switch. The floodlight with camera that wyze offers is a hard wired setup. It mounts like a light would mount. But I didn’t need a switch because it’s motion activated flood light. So why would I need to be turning it off and on? And the instructions. Didn’t say to put in a switch.

Don’t have those, so another angle to this may be to try to eliminate those where you are.

Can you try moving your router closer to the device to see if that helps?

Do you have any problems with other devices (and thus your router may have grown intermittent?) I had to replace my sister’s router, but it was obvious she had problems with her 2.4 GHz band because multiple manufacturer’s devices were dropping offline periodically. :slight_smile:

I would love to try and not have the error code 90. However I have cameras as close as 10ft from the router to about 150ft from the router thanks to repeaters. And the other night I had error code 90 on every single one of them. So it’s not the distance from the router. And none of my other products have an error 90 or randomly drop.

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Oh man that must suck .

Every house I’ve ever lived in has has a switch to their floodlight , that makes no sense

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Mine is circuit breaker only too, as I don’t really have a need to turn it on or off unless it malfunctions, or I decide to replace it. It is the only thing on that circuit breaker tho.


Well as long as you have a breaker that’s good , I have a switch so I installed a wyze switch on their so I can turn it off and on when it goes offline through my phone .

Work smarter , not harder

Why would I need a switch to it? Then you would be turning the camera off when the lights not on? What would be the point in that? Does every floodlight you have also have a camera on it? Do you have switches on any other cameras you have? Or are they plugged directly into electric outlets?

Only because computers (and make no mistake, all of these devices are computers) occasionally hang and need to be powered off and on again.

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I’d be interested in understanding why you’re turning your motion sensor flood light on and off so frequently?

What ?

You said you turn if off and on ONLY “when it goes offline”. They didn’t get the point I suppose.