Replacing v3 for another v3 - what happens to the clips taken from original v3

Hi, newbie to the wyze community.

My original v3 has a ton of static (got worse over the 3 weeks) otherwise its a great camera. I’m returning it and replacing it with a new v3.

What happens to the video clips the original v3 took? Are they saved to my account so when I replace it with a new v3 in same location/same name will the clips still be accessible?

Thank you!

If you are talking about event clips that are in the cloud storage, they will still be there until they time out in 14 days. If you are talking about video saved on the uSD card that was in the original camera, those will be on the uSD card provided you remembered to pull the card before sending the camera back. I would copy the files you want onto your computer.
The fact that you make another camera with the same name has no bearing on any of this.