Personal cloud

Hi, Will it be possible to backup video from Wyze Cam v3 to my personal cloud?

Welcome, bigaone22! :grin:

The V3 basically operates like a V2. If you ain’t familiar with the V2, then know you can’t yet stream either a V2 or V3 to your personal cloud, but you can manually download any 12-second clip (or longer if you have Cam Plus) from either that would normally evaporate after 14 days.

From local storage you then backup those motion detection clips to your permanent cloud, if permanent local storage isn’t enough.

Both models also have the ability to save at least 3 days of 24-hour coverage to a local SD card. That’s what I do. If an incident isn’t noticed in 3 days (or whatever you have the SD card set to), then it probably isn’t worth caring about? With 24-hour SD coverage I don’t care much about the free 12-second clip coverage. I simply use the clip to tell me where to look on the SD card. :wink:


The exception is with the RTSP firmware optionally available for the V2s. I believe Wyze is considering doing the same for the V3s but it sucks they haven’t included it in the stock firmware, yet.


Thanks for the response, will try that method.

Ok. that’s something to look forward to!