Backup and Stream from AWS S3

Upload “motion detected” in the user’s personal AWS S3 bucket

  1. Create a role template where the user could share a specific S3 bucket with Wyze.
  2. Upload motion clips into S3 bucket
  3. Allow user’s to view it from the S3 instead of local storage

Is there any way to copy over data that is in the cloud storage to your own cloud storage?

I’m looking for a way to get video clips or images recorded from an event trigger to my own S3 bucket.

Thanks for any ideas!

I think I recall TinyCam allows that. Also saving to FTP, DropBox or Google Drive. I briefly tried saving to my router’s FTP server and didn’t get anywhere. It was mainly an experiment just to see if I could get it done.

Thanks - that’s interesting - it still requires another device to work - I was wondering if there are ways to get the Wyze cam itself to upload directly to a personal cloud drive/bucket etc.

If not then I guess I’ll need to look at solutions that use a second device to manage the IP cameras from somewhere nearby (i.e. on the same WIFI network).


I recall somewhere there is a wishlist post to vote on putting an sftp server in the camera. It seems to me like something simple for Wyze to do. Certainly easier than the RSTP software was.