Personal Cloud Backup

Not sure how popular personal clouds are but I recently purchased one. Would anyone else be interested in the ability to save your events to your own cloud?


Yes! Please share your method?

Lol, sorry I’m not that advanced to be able to state a method but I thought it may be of interest. If there’s enough interest, maybe Wyze would look into the option.

Yes, currently this requires RTSP mode enabled and can be done with various systems including TinyCam, HomeKit, and Home Assistant along with NVRs.

If you mean the event clips as presented in the app interface, you’re probably never going to get those synched as is.


There was a planned product (since cancelled) called the MaxDrive that was going to be a cloud-connected network attached storage (NAS) device for Wyze videos, but that partnership fell through.

In the past I’ve used TinyCam running on a Fire tablet to record and upload clips to Dropbox and/or FTP, but it takes some time to set up and it’s not error-free.


Good info thx